My name is Damien Marqez, it is pronounced Marks, or Marx... my name is actually a derivative of Marx, as my great grandparents converted to neo-communism in AD-2389, they changed their name from Qezentio to Marqez, as they were from south america, and wanted to keep 'q' and 'z' in their name... actually my great grandfather Carlos Marqez who started of as such a dedicated communist, even using his country music skills to advane the movement, became rather famous, as his songs "redistrubite the wealth of my heart" and "take the last of my capitalistc wealth, but leave me happy" were the most downloaded illegally off of the internet for one day in the spring of AD-2395... and belive it or not I am probably the most controversial member of my family in over 500 years. I am turning 28 in four months, and on the note of turning 28 I would like to voice my opinion in the issue of aging... basically growing up on a space station orbiting a gas giant in the Pherlam Quadrant means that by technicality of a year being one rotation of the sun, only 6 years old as our orbit is differant to earths, now I'm not a whacko that suggests we should all count age based on where we were born (take into account of all of those babies born in transit), my point about age is that since Earth is where we derive all of our customs and timeframes, and ages from it's only right that we keep earth as our capitol... sure Aleph-Alpha is a nice plannet, and it can support 50 times the population of earth, but look at the name... do you want to submit to a race of people known as Alphetites... I don't think so.