Fourth of July is coming up. I myself have already shot off a ridiculous amount of fireworks, but I'm really looking foward to getting arrested for catching something on fire on the fourth.

The best part is, most the fireworks that I'm used to using are no longer illegal in this state! W00t! We are no longer limited to spinners, and snakes, and dinky little fountains in the state of Indiana, and my beloved morters are now 100% legal (Well, most of them are, anyways.)

Here's an awesome fireworks story.

On my birthday, my friends and I decided to go out at around midnight to see what awesome things we could find to amuse ourselves.

As soon as I walk into the store, I can smell the scent of gunpowder and copper; I start heading for it. After locating the fireworks section, we are disappointed to find that all they have are fountains, and nothing else. Undeterred, a crazy idea pops into my head, and grabbing a couple packs of the largest fountains there, I head back to the toy section.

This is where it gets a little crazy. One friend starts riding a bike around the store, another starts a game of dodgeball with a giant purple rubber ball, and I start looking at the RC vehicle section of the store.

Amid the chaos, a small RC boat literally jumps out of the shelf and into my arms; It was love at first sight.
After paying for the purchases, we proceed to my best friends house, duct tape a fountain to the deck of the boat, and attempt to launch the vessel into the lake behind the house.
At this point, an anticipated but not hoped for flaw appears in my plan; the fountain makes the boat too top heavy.

I then duct tape a hanger to the top of the craft, and slicing the styrofoam packing in half with a box cutter, create outriggers that then stabilize the boat.

The ship was launched, the fuze then lit, then off it went.


Pictures to come, as soon as erica gets them to me.