Me and my lil sis Bridget Bee~bee and my husband and children is on our way to Cali.We are moving there with my step father.He has a house for us up there.Its really pretty and nice and huge!! Im goin to miss all my friends up there especially Ashley Ill miss you gurl.Love you alot sis and Ill stay in touch and visit!! Me and you will be best friends and sisters 4Life!!
Well everyone I was tellin you how I was doin and what I was doin.Yes me and Stevie just had twins too.Two gurlz..Manda and Lacey.They are beautiful!! Wish us all best luck!! Tell me how you guys are doin? I hope great!!! And to all my close friends live where I use to live Ill miss you guys and love you guys!! And to all my close friends Ill miss you and Love ya!!
Everyone Ill keep tellin you how California is goin for me!! Well hit me up!! Love you all and have a great day and night!!!

Love you all,