Awesome movie. If you want an action movie like X-3, you might be a little disappointed, but superman is just a good solid movie, and I enjoyed seeing it very much.

On a side note, someone told me that assuming my business gets off the ground and I become affluent and wealthy, if I got bored, I'd probably end up like Lex Luther: trying to take over the world just for the hell of it.

(And let me say, Luther's evil genius plan had a elegent simplicity to it; I was very impressed.)

WARNING: Rant Ahead
On that note, while I was at the movie with erica, there was this little kid behind us that would NOT shut up the entire movie. Her parents tryed to tell her to whisper for a while, but since she wouldn't stay quiet and nobody flipped out they eventually gave up.

God! "Is that superman?" Is that superman?" Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?" "Is that superman?"

Rude! I, however, do not fault the child, as she was too young to know better, I place the blame squarely on the parents.
If your kid is too young to stay quiet for the movie, you need to either rent the movie later or get a sitter.

It's that simple. And telling a kid who's just learned how to talk to "whisper" is not effective.
Do little kids ever whisper? Do they ever walk unless told to? THEY CAN'T.
They've just mastered one skill, so they can't really be expected to do it with much finesse until instructed and taught to do so.

For seven (or nine later in the day) dollars, I shouldn't have to deal with that.

Movie theaters need to start cracking down on that stuff, or as bigger HD TV's become less expensive, going to the movies is a passtime that many will gladly drop.

No drunk people, no freshmen girls shrieking at every scary part, no idiot yelling "Get da juggernaut bitch! yeah! U da man juggie!!" at the screen.

I'm going to build a projector one of these days.

Damn teenagers.
Now i sound like andy rooney (I think thats his name, the old fart to gripes about crap on sixty minutes
I want some pie.