So it's officially 12:16 and I'm sitting online updating my RvB profile because I haven't done it since the day I started it and some things need to be set straight... after alot of soul searching as well as some massive head trauma and a little to much soda water (which if you've ever tasted soda water you know is any soda water) I've realized Church has nothing on Caboose but Bravo 3 is still one of my favorite characters of all time. I'm glad to have that set straight now to get something off my chest. What the heck is up with people on forums I've seen better spelling and grammar from my two year old cousins Alphabet soup puke. Now this isn't really the kind of thing that normally bothers me but when someone is calling someone else a dumbass shouldn't they avoide saying it in the following way "dud (notice missing "e") u r a dumass thet is nt what he ment" if I'm the only one who feels this way I realize that I should be neg modded into eternity but if I'm not some one hit me back with what they think. Okay well I feel much better after posting this now if I only had some friends on here to read this... lol.