Two days ago I went into my local KFC/Taco Bell to see a friend upon entering my friend was no where to be found. I pulled out my cell phone and called her wondering if she was perhaps in back cleaning. She answered the phone and came out front to get me and bring me back to the 5 by 5 foot office which was already inhabited by a rather large and cluttered desk and two people, one of which I knew, the other was a stranger. The person I knew was a girl and other was a guy. I walked into the cramped little office and was told that I "missed all the action" by the guy I didn't know. I looked at my friends who were both grinning ear to ear. "Why what'd I miss?" I inquired innocently. My naivety astonishes even me sometimes any sane person knowing these two as I did would never asked what happened if they saw them grinning in such a way. "These two got to see my penis" the guy said offhandedly. I was repulsed but I did not show it, if there is one thing living in my town has taught me it is not to show that you dislike something, and I'm damn good at it if I do say so myself. The tide of the conversation quickly took a turn and we were on the safe shores of bitching about how little we all got paid within half a minute but sure enough the guy could not let me be comfortable. "So (name) what color are your nipples?" first of all what the hell kind of question is that... and second of all what the hell kind of person asks that to a coworker!? Thankfully at this point the boss came into the office and cleared everyone off to go clean the place up before closing time. I slipped away as soon as I could murmur a quick goodbye to my friend and walked out to my car thinking how very strange the people who work at KFC have grown to be.