I know you've all been waiting for an update from me, I know I have too. So what's been going on lately? Well, my computer is giving me so much crap that I'm about to take it up to the third floor of the building and chuck it. I'm so freaking tired of Winblows and all its crap. For those of you that *really* care, I lived through v-day. I got a little candy and a card. Saw Hitch over the weekend. *Everybody* needs to go see Hich sometime. Freaking awesome movie. Great story and acting, hilarious, sappy and sad. Good movie. Will Smith rules. Anybody catch the Grammy's? Specifically, when Alicia Keys performed If I Ain't Got You? Wow...she can SING. Incredible singer. If you haven't heard taht song, take a listen. Good stuff.

Well, I guess I have to recommend an album for this week. I was talking to someone new on my friend list the other day about a band that I had forgotten how great they were. So, I'm going to recommend Brand New - Deja Entendu. If you've never heard Brand New, then you're depriving yourself because they are an awesome band. Lyrical geniuses. I mean, look at their song titles and you'll see that you don't have your average band. Killer lines that would be considered simple to play, they just fit. If you want to check out the lyrics, here. Otherwise, just buy the cd.