sorry its been so long guys been kinda crazy for me.

just got off my 30 days of leave back in the big NC that gods country for those of you that don't no. it felt great to spend that much time with family i forgot wat it was like.

now i'm down in pensacola florida, i thought i'd never be so glad to be stationed in the desert its like 100% humidity here i want to go back to arizona so bad but air traffic control school is going well i have my first test in the morning wish me luck its on weather i feel like such a nerd now i watch the weather channel and i no what there talkin about and how they figure it out and everything its so wierd.

the PT sux so bad tho they kill us monday wednesday and friday. and when i say kill i mean kill and easy day is a 7 mile run that we sprint half of it i fall to the back everytime but i always finish that the important part other people quit in get in the vans but i never stop no matter how mush it sux

today was the worst we ran 4 miles then rwe had to get some big ass logs and carry them on our shoulders down the beach and do alkinds of dumb exersices with them i swear they want to kill us.

but all in all its a great chance for me to learn alot of stuff and get in to good shape 1 week down 15 more togo see you guys later.

O i almost forgot... smiley4.gifsmiley5.gif i forgot that it rains on the eastcoast i left the winds down on my car when i went to class and the school house is like 1.5 miles away from were my car is and it rained cats and dogs for like 6 hours on and off so yeah i wasn't happy but i remember to let my windows up now so you live and you learn, goodnite RVB