So, I think I might have lost my copy of Planescape: Torment, which sucks, because A) I had just started replaying it and B) It looks like it'll be difficult to acquire another decent copy of the 4-CD edition (it looks like future versions were put on 2 CDs). Oh, and it goes without saying that it's an amazing game that has probably the best story in any game, ever. If there's one game that proves video/computer gaming is a legitimate art form, this is probably it. Ah well, I know I didn't lose it in the move (A/N - Yeah, in the few months that I've been merely lurking on this site, I've moved into a new house and I celebrated my 16th birthday a few days ago, back on the 8th) and it's only been missing for about a week, so it's probably somewhere really obvious that I'm just not bothering to look in.

Anyways, on top of looking for good music, movies, books, etc., I also search the Internet occasionally for some good games - freeware or otherwise. Like my music and movie recommendations, I think I'll start recommending freeware, abandonware, and/or indie games (with the occasional "mainstream" game). Of course, due to the legal gray area regarding abandonware, I don't think it'd be wise for me to link to sites, but there are a few big names out there that should be pretty easy to find on your own. And now with my first list of game recommendations:

The Ur-Quan Masters - Basically a PC remake of the 3DO version of the classic hybrid-genre game, Star Control 2.

Prelude to Darkness - While I haven't had a chance to really *play* it yet, I've heard nothing but good things about this freeware RPG. There are still reports of crashes and other bugs, but I heard the team behind it is working on fixing the remaining bugs.

Ultima V: Lazarus - Okay, not technically freeware, but a massive total conversion for the now dirt-cheap Dungeon Siege 1. While DS was basically a poor Diablo clone, this TC manages to turn it into an amazing RPG (it is a remake of the original Ultima V, obviously).

xu4 - Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar was released in 1985, and is commonly considered to be the first of the so-called "Golden Ultimas" (the best in the series, IV - VII). I believe the game was released as freeware to promote the awful Ultima IX: Ascension (which came out back in 1999). xu4 is a program similar to Exult (which is for Ultima VII) - it provides an easy way to play the game on modern operating systems without the use of emulators such as DosBox.

C-Evo - Civilization 2 has always been my favorite in the Civilization series (though I haven't had a chance to play Civ 4 yet). The only major gripe I had with it was the cheating AI. Essentially, C-Evo is a direct remake of Civ 2, just with a balanced AI.

That's all for now, folks.