Man, it's amazing how drastically a day can shift from good to bad or bad to good.

This morning I found both my long lost math book and my deliquent cell phone in a matter of minutes without really searching for them.
At the time I thought that was a really good way to start my day, and it was.

Then I get to class, and I can NOT concentrate. At all. But, it really doesn't matter because today was a review over stuff I already remembered.
So, I spent the class period designing exosuits in my head. I actually think I came up with some good ideas! (Maybe I'll write another chapter of my book, while I'm at it!)
Then quiz time came. Uh oh.
Buuuut, I think I did really well on the quiz, so my day is getting even better, and I arrive at work in a good mood despite the fact that it is 90 degrees out and muggier than john travolta.

As soon as I walk in the door, the new guy starts trying to order me around.
For some wierd reason, this really pisses me off, and puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
I tell him where to go stick it, then go and find my boss for instructions.

I work a mixture of inside and outside for the rest of the night, then THE ACCIDENT happens.

At the time I was putting away special order windows at the store, BIG windows that weigh a ton. I have them on my special platform machine thingie, and am sloooowly swinging it around to line up the last big window with the slot I was going to slide it into, when the window just flips off the platfom. I'm looking away at the time trying to steer, so all I hear is a big

KA SMASH! tinkle tinkle tinkle


Glass everywhere!

closer shot:

and the expensive window noqw looks a-like so:


Note the two panes on the left that are now completely gone


Not cool.

So, how was your day?