Well, I WAS going to install my water cooling system this weekend but I learned a few things which temporarilly stopped me from moving forward.

1) The camera I used to take some snap shots of this thing so that I could show you my frustration first hand...the USB broke on it so that means I'm off to Best Buy today to get one of those All-In-One card reader devices. *groan* Oh well...I need a haircut too.

2) Once again, the design of the case has MESED ME UP! Pointing to the picture I took of the front bezel...wait a tick...YOU CAN"T SEE THE IMAGE BECAUSE MY CAMERA BROKE! Oh...sweet, sweet irony. Anyway, the upsidedown layout of the chassy coupled with the top bay positioning of my drives has cased my power cables to ride UP the case and BLOCK any insertion of devices in to the bays. This will make more sense with visuals, but sufice it to say I now know why those drive bays at the bottom of the bay are present. Which leads to problem 3:

3) The drive bays at the bottom of the case smiley4.gif I can't get the $*%&^ panel back on to the case when the drives are present...which means more modding on my part to FORCE them to fit.

This is it people...it's either ME or this computer system. Stay tuned.

post-note: The weekend wasn't a total bust though. I did buy $500 worth of really nice shirts fro $70! I be stylin yo! smiley8.gif