I got tagged by TNAI so I'm gonna do this... 10 things That I consider to be the best things I have ever done (Instead of 10 things I would do differantly)

The best things I ever did was:

1. Make my life about serving God

2. Be there for my older brother while he was first dating Ali, and sticking at it untill they got married.

3. Went to China with no idea of who I would meet or what I would do.

4. Joined Mikes G12 (leadership group and friendship circle)

5. Forgave my parents for being drug addicts.

6. Stayed at highschool untill year 12.

7. Decided to make science fiction one of my hobbies.

8. Try to help my little brother to be a Godly richious man.

9. Try to help my little sister to be a Godly richious woman.

10. Grew my beared for a year in highschool.