More of the same. An adult leader called me a lier. Then I proved his son to be a lier and told them to leave my camp. Fun stuff. Because of my RA job I will be coming home August 8. At this point I have not checked the NHL forum since late May, and I am 873 posts behind. Come on guys! Shoot for 1000! I am beginning to really want an Ipod. But I dont want one of the videos, a nano or a shuffle. I want more gigs than a nano, I dont need the video, why wont they sell me an old one. Blast! I am beginning to tire of teaching archery all day everyday and saying the same things over and over. "The next person please step up to the line, You are free to nock your arrow, You are free to fire when ready, dont point your arrow at my forehead, the line is clear, you are free to retreve your arrows." Soon I will be home to my shiny new 360 and I am gonna game. Oh am I gonna game.