1) pierce your nose or tongue?: tongue, it's all ready half done
2) be serious or be funny?: funny
3) drink whole or skim milk?: hmm, don't matter

4) simple or complicated? complicated

5) flowers or angels?: angels
6) grey or gray?: grey
7) color or black-and-white photos?: color!
8) lust or love?: love, lust doesn't work
9) sunrise or sunset?: sunset...if i see the sunrise, it's too freaking early
10) M&Ms or Skittles? depends on the mood, chocolate or flavor. most of the time i go for the chocolate
11) rap or rock? rock!
12) staying up late or waking up early?: up late, me no morning person
13) TV or radio?: TV, screw the radio and their accursed overplaying
15) eating apples or oranges?: apples

16) Do you have a crush?: no, crushes never work...EVAR!
17) Who is it?: nobody

18) being hot or cold?: i prefer being cooooooooooool
19) tall or short people?: tall! legs, AH!
20) sun or moon?: moon
21) emeralds or rubies?: emeralds, green > red
22) left or right?: right, i guess
23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend: 1 best friend, friends come and go, best friends are forever
24) sun or rain?: sun, too much rain makes for a sucky day
25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?: chocolate, but as a milkshake
26) up or down? up
27) peaches or cream? hurm...peaches i guess. gotta eat me a lot of peaches
28) low fat or fat free?: either, they both taste bad

29) What is your biggest fear in the world? wow, um...being chased by zombies and running out of bullets, i don't know...
30) Kids or no kids? kids
31) Cat or dog?: cat, dogs are stoopid
32) Half empty or half full?: half-full
33) Mustard or ketchup?: both, with mayo
34) Hard cover books or soft cover books?: soft, hardcover = textbooks, textbooks = *baaaaaaaaaaad*
35) Newspaper or magazine?: magazine
36) Sandals or sneakers?: sneakers
37) Wonder or amazement?: hmm...wonder i suppose
38) Red car or white car?: white!!! cops look for red cars!
39) Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor, definitely. what good is money if your so sad you want to die? can't use it where you end up...i've been living happy and poor for a while now
40) Singing or dancing?: singing, that i can do half-way decent
41) Hugging or kissing?: hmmm...both, but i have a theory, and don't none of you steal it!!! hugging says, "I care," kissing says, "I want you."
43) Happy or sad?: Happy, dur
45) Blondes, brunettes?: hmm...hair doesn't matter, really

What time is it?: 2:22 P.M.
Nicknames: Cam, Jedi Master, Cam-a-ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong, fanboy
Name of siblings and age: Forrest, 13
Birthdate: 5/15/84
Pets?: none
Eye color?: blue!!!
Hair color?: darkish blonde, or something
piercing(s): none

Where do you want to live?: in a house just outside a decently sized city
How many kids do you want?: 2's good
Do you want to get married? yes

2 doors or 4 (on a car)?: 2, sports car!
Coffee or ice cream?: Ice Cream
Shampoo or conditioner?: shampoo, smells better and has a purpose
Bridges or tunnels? tunnels!!! beep that thang!
One pillow or two?: depends on the size, one most of the time
Salad dressing?: ranch if it's done right, bleu cheese if it's not
Color of socks?: white
food?: i have this thing for chicken, and i dunno why
color?: blue!
Non-alcoholic drink?: oooooo, chocolate milk! yum!

1 minute ago: doing this thing
1 day ago: eating
1 week ago: eating, i have a late lunch break between classes
1 YEAR AGO: hmmm...prob at home doing nothing. was at a diff college then
Wearing: boxers, shorts, and an "I'm with stupid" shirt
Current Hair: messy, just got up
Current Annoyance: classes...grrrrrr
Current Smell: i smell nothing
Current Favorite Show: 24, kick ARSE!
Current Book: i don't read
Current Movie In DVD: nothing, last thing i watched was napoleon dynamite
Current Refreshment: nothing