What I love... by Nicholas Morgan-Moore

It has occured to me that I have been depressed in recent days due to a for shortening of my view of my life... work hasn't been going the way I would like, I haven't been getting on with my manager, things aren't moving the way I would really like them to be... but I recognise my current circumstances as a means to an end... I see now that I have been focusing on the imediate without properly reminding myself why I am doing what I am doing. And as I belive that Love is the answer, I decided to show you what I am working for by telling you what I love.

1. I love Jesus... he saved me from a life of blindness, and sin.
2. I love family... I have a brother who came to China to help me out without me ever asking him.
3. I love my friends... they keep me sane when all I want to do is break down (this does include you Cumbo, you rule mate, and my favorite E-buddy Megan... I hope you can come visit soon)
4. I love myself... this is a hard one for me since I know all of the crappy things I have done in my life, but I am willing to move on and try and be a better person... and I think it's working.
5. I love Sci-Fi... it reminds me that there is a bright future for my kids and my grandkids.
6. I love fantacy... it shows me that people can create a world with only their minds, and it takes me away from where I am when I need it to.
7. I love the rain... it feels so nice fliching it out of my hair.
8. I love hot baths with salts in the water... they relax me and my muscles.
9. I love discussing important things with smart people... it challenges my intelect, and shows me unique views on the world arround me.
10. I love dreaming... because it lets me see the world the way that I would like it to be, and it inspires me to become a person who can affect the world in positive ways.