W00t! I just got home from seeing a MXPX/ Reel Big Fish concert. I won two tickets from Q101(a chicago radio station) a month ago. My ears are still ringing and my neck will most likely hurt tomarrow but it was worth it. I was wearing my Tex shirt and this guy behind me noticed. We get to talking and I find out that he is a member of this website! I sent him a friend request smiley0.gif Tonight was the first time that I was ever in a mosh pit. It came out of nowhere and I somehow ended up in the middle of it! Somebody smashed into me so hard, that I dropped my boyfriend's cell phone. Thankfully someone found it and was nice enough to return it. In turn, I bought them a $6 beer to show my graditude. Tonight I also found out that empty belly + beer + moshing = sick feeling. Overall the concert was hot, sticky, sweaty, and awesome!

I'm so happy because I am on vacation this week. The vacation started on tuesday 8-8 when I left work and won't end until tuesday 8-15. I don't have to be back to work until thursday 8-17 but bartending classes start on 8-15. At least I get to enjoy some summer. After bartending classes end, college classes start. I'll be going to school full time in the day and bartend at night. I'll have no free time.