LOl this is funny. the losers i insulted are neg modding me. me? Again people I do not care. This is sad. You try to get big bad revenge on the internet by messing with my profile on a fan page of an animation team? There are a couple of sad and pathetic lonely people on this site. Get lives people. There is a world away from your computer. I actually got home from work at 3am so what's yalls excuse for being awake? Go to bed, get a job, and get a significant other. maybe that will calm all this crap down. Esepcially neg modders. You guys are the scum of this site. You're pathetic, and I pity the body you inhabit as it deteriorates in front of this computer screen.
To any wishing to help, + mod me and anything - you find on anyone's profile except losers who do the neg modding. Anyone who's been neg modded. Post the name of those who neg mod you and other's can neg mod them. I have yet to neg mod anything that wasn't an insult or a neg mod on someone else. I always give + mods to help others who have become victims of the idiots who love to throw - mods everywhere.