Ok, so I have finally cleared everyone's old journals and their new ones. I actually read everyone's alerts and if I had anything relevent to say, I did. Those of you who watch me that went to RVBTO, i'm glad you guys had a good time and made it back safely. Now for my update.

Well, i had went to Mississippi for about 3 weeks. It was pretty good, although the weather was hot and humid and that just made me freakin' miserable. I spent time with my daughter and saw most of my friends. I was an usher in my best friends wedding while I was there. That was the first time i've ever been in a suit, and let me tell ya, an out door wedding at the end of july out on a lake in Mississippi sucks ass! I mean come on, it rained earlier that morning so it was extra humid and stuff. Though, the wedding was nice and I saw more of my friends that I hadn't gotten around to visiting yet. They left for Miami the next day for their honey moon. I was so happy to get back to Utah, where there really isn't any humidity at all. That and I missed sleeping in my own house.

Well, after we got back, it was the final stages of getting everything ready for my wedding. I really didn't have to do much, just pick my best man and grooms man and then pick the tuxes and get the marriage license. We had an outdoor wedding on Saturday, 12 August at 5 pm. There were about 60 to 80 guests. Most of them were my wife's family and friends seeing how she is from here. Some of my friends who weren't sent out of town for work attended my wedding, but I didn't bother telling my family that I was getting married because I really didn't care for them much. Well, most of you who talk to me a lot know that I hate having my picture taken, but since it was our wedding I endured it, and there were a lot taken, holy crap. I'll post them as soon as we get the disk from the photographer. It turns out that the preacher who married us was actually someone who worked in my old squadron and had seperated from the Air Force about 2 months before I went to Iraq, talk about a small world. At the end of the wedding/reception we left on my bike, it was the first time I had let her ride with me because as most of you know, I hate riding with passengers on the bike. But again, since this was my wedding I figured that I would give her that.

We didn't get to take a honey moon because I had just spent almost 3 weeks in Mississipp and my work wouldn't give me any more time, so it kinda counted as a prehoneymoon and we'll take the real one on our 1 year anniversary.

Well, that's it for now. I hope all is well with everyone and I hope you have a good week smiley11.gifsmiley0.gif