I got all my pictures taken out, all my friends were deleted, and a few other things. doesnt change anything. im done with this site now. bunch of nazi moderators walkin around with their thumb up their asses and censoring people. fuck you nazi moderators! also, another thing, thank you to all the people who tried to rebecome my friend. its very kind of you. i hope that you nazi mods rot in hell, and also, that your children turn out more retarded than you. Adults bitching and complaining about a stupid little picture. Dont you people have anything better to do? like tend to your families? if by chance youve ever gotten laid? NOPE, they gotta spend time dickin around on some internet site. I gotta reason im on, im 15, its ok for me to be horny and be here. RED VS BLUE IS A SHAM! its to censor our rights! its against the masses! Its telling you what is right! You decide what is right! thats all i have to say besides: