1. Rev the engine very high, turn to the examiner and say with an evil stare, "Buckle up"

2. Turn the radio on. When the examiner goes to turn it down or off, slap their hand

3. After the instructor gets in the car, pop the hood, get out and check the oil

4. Fill your car with beer

5. In the middle of driving, hug the examiner

6. Swear and yell at everybody on the road (include parked cars)

7. When you stop at a light, start revving the engine while looking back and fourth between the person next to you at the lights, lean forward, grind your teeth and make animal noises

8. When parking, stop a few feet from distance and get out and push, saying frantically to the instructor "grab the wheel, the cars out of control!"

9. Keep doing the same thing over and over again, like yelling at the person in the rear view mirror to get out of the way, and then say "oh, it's me." Keep doing it