So, um...Wow, it's been interesting.

Yesterday I got my 2 tests back that I took last Thursday, bombed both of them. Stupid gay crap. One test, the prof let us correct in class what we missed, and me being the awesome student that I am, I didn't bring my book, notes from before the test, or even problem solutions, *NOTHING* So, I was a little crap out of luck. Then, yesterday afternoon, I had to take another test for Quanitative Methods II, and it pissed me off. Severely. It's not that what we were doing was that difficult. It's that we had 25 different formulas on a sheet of paper and we had to figure out which ones went where. They weren't labeled at all. Bah! So, I get out of that class unhappy and loaf around for a while. A couple of my co-workers came up here so we could eat, so we went out to Hooters. We went for the wings of course. It was a good time. As we were leaving for the restaurant, I pulled out my iPod to play some stuff for the drive, and the backlight wouldn't come on. And the hard drive spins constantly on it. inheritly wrong, and it makes me sad.

So, on to today. It's amazing how a difference 6 hours (of sleep) can make. I woke up this morning and went to my classes and didn't feel like dying would be better. First class, we got together in our groups to plan some more for our presentation on Monday. I have the hottest girl in the whole class in my group. Fricking gorgeous. Lives in the same town as me; questions revolving around doing social activity may follow. So, I get out of classes and come back to my apartement, and start playing around on my bass cuz I was in the mood. As I'm in the middle of trying to figure out No Doubt - Don't Speak by ear, I'm checking the clue listings on eBay because they're doing their "find the listing, win $1000" thing. Here So I go searching around for the FOA: Friend of Ayn clue, and turn up the name Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve Board. So, I'm like, all right, they control the interest rates. So, I go search for "Interest" and it comes up with like 7 pages of Gay Interest stuff, and I'm like, hah, go away. So I narrow it down to everything that doesn't have gay in the title, "Interest -gay" and eventually come across a Reserve Fuel Tank, so I click on it, and HOLYCRAPIT'SAWINNINGLISTINGOMGWTFHOLYCRAPBUYITNOWCOMMITTOBUYHOLYSHATIWON!!! So, I won $1000. I just have to wait around for my confirmation e-mail that tells me what else I need to do. Fricking SWEEEEEEEEET!!!! So, that's about it for now. I'm out like Michael J. Fox in a game of Jenga!