.....what in all of God's green goodness posessed me to take 4 AP classes my senior year. And not easy classes, cause that would be cheap.

I'm taking AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, AP Psychology (Ok, kind of easy there), and AP Music Theory (which would be easy, but as a percussionist, I skipped over years of theory the teachers didn't have to teach me, and now I'm playing catch up). On top of that, I'm in Wind ensemble (the highest band class our school offers), and I'm doing an independent study for my hammer dulcimer (it would be nice to finally know how to play it), which is going to be a bitch.

And of course, now I'm wondering why I'm taking Physics and Theory, since I plan on being a math education major. The obvious solution is to take several different education majors. How does Psychology, Philosophy, and Math sound? Yes, that is three.

Of course, that still doesn't justify either of the two classes I'm unsure of......

Why isn't there an AP Philosophy test? That would be a sweet class.

Anyways, I just figured some form of update was due. Good night all!