A few hours after posting my last entry, I found a job! Now, my only hope is that I make more then $200 a week. If I can do that I will be very happy indeed. It's a good thing that I found a jod so quickly because my bills were pileing up. How come when you don't have a job or medical insurance stuff happens? I have nether right now . The day after I finished my last job boom, I devolpe an infection. I had to go to a doctor and get medication. I can't wait till that bill comes in the mail. Then, I get a notice in the mail that my licence plates are expiring and they want $75 to renew them. I also have to pay for school books which set me about $400. My phone bill came in as well and that was $85. Needless to say, I am a very poor person right now. On a high note, because I'm full time in college I can get back on my dad's insurance. Also, since I have a job now I can start paying back my credit cards, which, I had to put all of my expenses on.