It's been boring as hell. I got a term paper for school (subject is video violence which will have continous slamming of Jack Thompson ^_^ he is teh devil) Was finally taken out of freshmen-girl choir (alittle disappointed with that >_< ) and i have yet to shoot anyone in teh head with a bb-gun!! (By the way milesprower, I have yet to find that BB)
I have been addicted to naruto *again) for the past few weeks. i started watching episodes on youtube, so far im up to episode 67. And I'm liking Gaara more and more with every person his sand eats (sand needs to eat too ya know ^_^ so toss a hot-dog into your sandbox, it just might go after you)
Speaking of gaara, i am planning on cosplaying as him for halloween, i jus need to find 2 goards, hollow them out, tape them together and tie it all to my back and hope it holds together (and for authenticity, i might as well put sand in it >_< )
Finally taking drivers ed (better late then never) i need to do 5 drives, one drive test, and two written tests in order to pass. my first drive will be this tuesday, so anyone in the merrillville, crown point, lowell, or scherrillville area around 4 pm this tuesday, WATCH OUT!!!! ^_^
I started playing "Wacked" for x-box a few nights ago with some friends, buy that game. After every match, you findyourself pausing the game and asking yourself "WTF???!!!"
I don't wanna give too much away, but it's a Sadistic Gameshow with killer weapons, an annoying host and america's finest retards and rejects (and of course the sexy, 1/2 naked girl. Every game needs one or 20 of those ^_^ ) Very fun game, if you're not gonna buy it, at least rent it. you won't be disappointed.

Well, that's my life so far in a sand-shell (i love gaara ^_^) I'll let you know how my drive goes and how many "points" i earn on the road. muhahahahah!!!!!