So we had our second hockey game yesterday. My first shift in, I get tripped up while going full speed toward the boards, fall on my back and slide feet first into the boards. Twisted my right ankle. Didnt think a whole lot about it. In fact, I ended up getting two points on the night (a goal and an assist) after the ankle thing. So its just sore enough to limp last night, I iced it, rested it, elevated it all last night.

This morning I wake up to a purple ankle with about another golf ball sized swelling on top of my ankle. I was just gonna keep icing it and remain off it until our game next week. Well, long story even longer, I made the mistake of telling my mom and she made me call my doctor to see if there is any other things I should be doing instead of just icing. The doctor says he wants to see it. 3 xrays and a brace that makes me look like a queer Forest Gump later, I have a deep ankle strain and I am not to get in the skates for two weeks, if and only if I do these lame streches several times a day.

I called the team captain and we decided that I am now to put on a suit and stand behind the bench.