And it's name is WoW.


Well seeing as this is one of the exceedingly rare Zimmy journals, that for some reason people keep telling me to write, I should probably go into depth.

I avoided WoW for the longest time, none of my friends played it and I doubted my PC could run it. It was a simpler time, a time that actually had time....

Then FreeFall stuff kept getting more and more complicated and I was getting sick of sneaking into the Architecture computer labs to try and do editing, so after clearing out my bank and getting a few more personal loans I bought this:


a 17" MacBook Pro, I'm typing from it now. Massive video editing power at the tips of my fingertips and what does my friend suggest?

"We should start playing that World of Warcraft."

So after seeing it from afar with Sev and now experiencing it first hand I can honestly say WoW is detrimental to film making smiley6.gif

I suppose that's all for now, though if any of you want to look me up I'm Horde on the Aman'Thul realm. The names Zuhimmi, sound familiar to anyone?