ever notice how some of the best scenes ever are of the hero facing unbeatable odds and never stops fight none the less. How do you capture that in writing. I was trying to write a scene, that was soo full of tension and action, but it seems like something is missing. what makes a hero believeable, relatable? What will make a reader so engrossed in what thier reading that they become the characters, feel every moment of desperation or success? How do you paint a picture with words that just makes a person feel like they came home? As i try to answer all these questions i can only hope that i am up to the challenge, cause there is nothing i would rather do with my life, nothing else i want to do with it. Everything else to me is but a means to an end, writing though, is my life. I have written over 300 poems, some of them more than 3 pages, and started or conceptualized over 20 novels and short stories. this is my life. who can tell me what makes a story relatable, what makes it real to you? What makes the characters stand out to you? what makes a good story? let me know.