when al of a sudden i get woken up at midnight to a fire alarm some stupid jack dick Marine was playing with the sprinkler in his room and flooded the whole second floor of my building and it just so happenes that its the room across the hall straight up so it camin down thru there floor in to my bathroom and my room and the room next to me so i'm not gonna get any sleep tonight i hate people, and to top it off yester day i didn't get back to base until 2 am and i didn't get to sleep till like 330 becuz to fuckheads wanted to drink and drive so i had to escort them everywere becuz i'm the only 1 who can handle drunk peopleand the night before that i couldn't sleep becuz i had to babysit to other ass clowns i had to check there room every hour on the hour all night someone really hates me and wont let me sleep i hate life.