About a month ago 1 1/2 or 2 months ago i worked at wal-mart as a cart pusher. Well on my first night i hurt everywhere. I went home and i went to bed. I woke up the next morning and could barley walk on my left foot. I wrapped it up and it started to get better where it hurt just every few days. Well i was in weights and i was using the leg press the first i had done in a while because of my foot. I put on the weight i always start out on and i brought it down once and it poped really loud. I fonally went to the doctor the other day about my sinuses and then he asked if anything else was wrong, so i told about my foot. He looked at it and it wasn't really hurting that bad untill he grabbed it really hard where it reallly hurt. He had me go for an x-ray which i went for like 3 days later. I walked inside my house earlier and my mom and said laughed and said sit down. I said looked at them and said what did i do or not do. My mom said ya they called and said that ya your foot is broken. I think that it was just a little place when i did it but since i waited like 2 months it has become worse so i have to go Monday and have it looked at. Its the first thing i have ever broke. The good thing is that i can get out of marching band for a while. smiley1.gif