I can't beleive I did this but I skipped school on Friday. You se my brother and our friend Shane was getting a ride home from his friend, and Cody told me their wouldn't be enough room so I had to wing it, brotherly love my ass. So I decided to stay and get some help in my classes I was doing bad in after the pep rally. So when I got at the pep rally I found my friend Tom who said his mom could give me a ride home. So I was very happy that I was finallly leaving. Well it turns out Cody and Shane felt sorry for me so they waited for me instead of wating outside for their ride home. Well it turns out hh never showed up so Cody and Shane had to stay at school until I told them that Tom's mom wa going to give me a ride so I said maybe she wouldn't mind if you came along. Well we called her and she said fine. So we are in the car driving home when Cody asked can we stop into Blockkbuster to buy a game. Now two days before this he tried this but got caught by Mom, and guess what he was about to try it again. But bad news for Cody was the same guy that was about to sle him the game to days ago was working. But Cody thought he had forgot about it so he tried again, and guess what he remembered Cody. So Cody didn't get the game he went home and played video games till Tod came home and gave us a ride to dad's. Now right now your probably thinking I got away with it . I didn't the Blockbuster guy was filling up his gas tank at the same time and guess what so was my mom at the same gas station so when he saw her, he told what had happened ten minutes ago. So when we got to our dad's place he was furious and so was our mom luckulky for us our dad wasn't going to be here on Saturday so we played halo till our eyes were blood shot. So the bad news was that our dad was going to take us to a football game then take us to DB, Dave and Busters, its an arcade. But sinc we were outside playing footballl with our friends. Our dad was looking for us until Mom told him what had happened. So we are now grounded for the next two weeks I say we got off easy.