On Monday i had a relatively average monday morning at college. At donner i thought i'll go for a cigerette and see what the guys are doing. After i had finished my cigerette and all i heard in the background was... "Potter get oyur ass over here i got something to ask you." i went over and my freind carl asked me if i wanted to go to the local fayre after college. I thought what the hell ill go anyway to see who is there. About 7 o'clock i went up the fayre with my freind carl. About 1 hour into the proceedings we went on to college campus and sit with some of our skater friends next to the monument. "Ahhhhhhh" a shadow comes running towards me... and as i make out the shadow. The girl who i wanted and missed so much for the past 5 months had finally come back.

My heart stop beating for a moment and when we hugged each other it was like magic and i didnt want to let go of her for anything. We talked about how our lives were and the past etc... and the last thing i saod to her beofre she went was.... "Laura i hope you fulfill your life's desires and find someone who you should hang on to for the rest of your life and no matter what happens just remember look into your heart and think about me and the fantastic times we had together i love you and ill never stop until the day i die!" I shared a tearful embrace then we both went our separate ways.....

And now ladies and gents i hope that i see her more often beacause everytime we see each other we both smile and long may it continue for years more.

Thanks and God Bless
That was the best Monday of my entire life.
Love Tomas. W. Ridgway lll