I was busy doing a photoshop and thinking over Halo 3, cause it was what I was photoshopping. I was putting someone elses face instead of the MCs helmet cause I had nothing better to do at the moment when something came to me from it.

I thought back to the E3 Announcement trailer and the "Master Chief". The "Master Cheif" never spoke during that trailer so we don't know if it's truely him or not. This is where my theory breaks down to is DOA.

The new DOA had a unlockable Spartan character and if you go back and look, it's the same, exact, armor from the Spartan in the announcement trailer and to add that DOA 4 came out before the trailer.

So the story on the DOA spartan was that this FEMALE spartan came from a diffrent time. How are we not to know that the Spartan in the announcement trailer is Kelly? The other surriving Spartan that was taken from the creator of the Spartans.

So what I was thinking is that maybe you don't play as MC but rather Kelly, or you swich between the two or three, if the 'Arby' is in it.

So Kelly possibly comes from a diffrent time zone and comes to Earth and Cortana, if you look at the trailer does she not look diffrent, almost older in terms. So if Kelly is sent from the furture would not the Cortana of that time know her who she and the master chief is, know their future, and how the world ends?

This is just my thought in it but what do you guys/girls think?