Before anything else, I'd like to remind folks to please go vote at the lyric contest here. A total of 1000 mod points are up for grabs for three lucky winners and I want everyone's work to get the recognition it deserves. According to the site I have over 250 watchers. Go take a look. I promise it will take less time to look at those entries than to read one of my long winded journals, lol.

So, to keep this quick, so you can go look at that, here is the next issue of the Steve n' Lois Chronicles (I promise we'll get back to Steve!).

Episode 31: Extra Pockets ("La Prison")

PS: I got a PM from someone concerned about a the amount of death and tragedy in my Halo Action Figure Theater series. C'mon. It's me! You know it will all work out in the end for everyone! ...well, BigNiceJohn will always be a giant Canadian, but we love him that way. And I'm sure he'll eventually pass that ID transponder. smiley8.gif

PPS: I've had a number of people write and beg me to extend the deadline for Ben Browder's message book. So, because I am spineless, now people have until Thursday to send me the messages for Ben. But that is the deadline for real. I have to send it to the courier! Send to me at and I'll get your fan letter in there.

PPPS: There is no rule six!