My son Spyton called me earlier today. Through a string of strange circumstances he's gotten stuck down in Florida with his grandparents for the weekend, which means no internet for three days. Usually I'd tell him to suck it up, but he's had an absolutely dreadful week, and I'd like him to be able to have some gaming fun.

He called me earlier asking me to Google to find out the question:

Which maps in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne still have the original Steam Tank?

I have never played Warcraft 3 (But Spyton loves it) and Spyton tells me that in Warcraft 3 the "Steam Tank" was changed into a "Siege Engine" which "sucks" and Spyton says he is sure there are some maps that have the original "Steam Tanks."

Do any of you guys know? I can't find the answer on Google, probably because I am not looking at the right sites.

Also, please go vote at my Lyric contest. Right now the front runners are 1, 3 ,5, 7, 9 and 10... I think.... I'd like to have the voting go until Sunday around noon and then we'll tally the votes and then I can alert my sponsors to begin endowing their mod points upon the winners. Phew!

To reward you for helping me out with these two tasks, here is the next Steve & Lois. Ah.... so some of you are beginning to see my madness has a method, right? Muhahahaha!!!!

Halo Action Figure Theatre: The Steve n' Lois Chronicles.
Episode 32: Banshee Footsie ("Le Dame Blanc"]

PS: For 5 mod points, can any of you guess what I called Aletheia's sister ship? Remembering of course that I name just about everything in this series after something Halo or RvB-related....

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