now that i have your attention...

my siamese cat has had babies and i was wondering if anyone wanted any of them.

i am saving one of them for adrian since he asked me first, but i have 3 more for anyone who would like one.
this is only available to those in canada..err well ontario or better yet the greater toronto area...as i wont ship them..you never know about those things..

the kittens will be 6 weeks old this sunday coming and they are adorable and tiny still. there are 3 girls and one boy. they are blue point siamese which means they have a hmm mm steel blue/grey colour to their noses, feet, and ears. they've got beautiful blue eyes and they love to play.
the boy kitten has pink ears and feet and a pink little nose. even his tail is a light pale peachy colour. he is siamese although he's a rare colour. he almost looks like an albino kitten but without the pink eyes..he's got blue eyes.

i think they will grow up to be tough little kittens cuz keiko likes to play rough with them. they get along with other cats and dogs. they've started eating solid food now so its a good time to let them go to their new families.

let me know if you guys are interested, maybe you could come over and see them.
ill try to get pictures up soon.

thanks guys