So, everything has been pretty uneventful. I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday now at the club. No real big fights have happened since my first night there. But my co-workers kick ass. I was gonna do a journal last Sunday but I didn't get home from partying after work until 8 am Sunday morning. So, I slept most of the day, then did laundry and spent time with the wife.

As far as my military job goes, I have worked more the past 3 days than I have the entire time I have been part of this new squadron. The shit is crazy. It's easy work, but time consuming as all hell. I don't mind though, it makes the day fly by. Still waiting to here on whether I get to retrain into another career field. Hopefully I'll know soon. Either that or hopefully I get orders to either Australia or Japan.

Other than that nothing else is really going on. I hope everyone is doing well. Oh and to let you know I read everyone's stuff, but if I don't comment, it's because I have nothing relevent to say. I'm gone to get some dinner with the wife before I have to go to work tonight smiley0.gif