I'm quite pleased to FINALLY announce the varied winners of the Lyric Contest. First, I'd like to thank everyone again who entered, and everyone who took the time to read the entries and vote. Let's give them all a big round of applause!


I am thrilled to say that everyone who entered will be receiving a prize in the mail from me, as we do need everyone to have a copy of the RedVsBlue Trocadero CD. Yay!

After counting up the votes, and recounting, and having other people count, it looks like we have a three-way tie between:

Entry 1 by VertigoX

Entry #3 by OboeCrazy

and Entry #7 by AllisonTex

So, I think what I will do is have all of my sponsors split their points equally three ways between the three winners... that should end up being about 333 mod points for each person... which is a heck of a lot of points! LOL!

Now, as to the songs that I picked to set to music. Yes, I picked two. The thing is, if commissioned to do so, I could set every one of these songs to music. They all have a lyric sense to them, in that they foster an emotion of one sort or another. Teamcoltra's kick*ss tribute to John117 as well as his song of PWNage and vengence made me think of heavy guitar riffs, and M_O_DuFrense's Tribute to the PIllar of Autumn made me think of a men's chorus, with a horn beneath... and perhaps a snare... very mournful. JulyFlame's And I see the halos... also evoked a lonely but orchestral feeling. AllisonTex's Covenant Song intrigued me, because as music from an alien culture, it was tempting to go really experimental with it... a la Farscape. Which might have been a bit more alien than you guys might be into, lol. And AllisonTex's Hiding in Coagulation was hilarious... but I didn't think I could afford to hire the entire cast of RedVsBlue to sing it for me! smiley8.gifChugabooe's tribute to the psychological comfort of the XBox was something I could definitely relate to and seemed like it needed a Kate Bush voice with a cello, don't you think? I adored Quikthnkr's Pwnage Extravaganza Duet... but it just screamed BeBop Blues progression to me... and I did promise some original music. I thought a blues riff would be sort of a cop-out. Strix Alpha's song of medical mayhem was hilarious (I sort of see Burl Ives doing it with sleigh bells... but then, I'm weird), and I was moved by Frankfurter's two offerings: the Emerge from Hiding poem and the prose about the soldier getting ready for battle. Terrific, and I think they'd be great read over some cinematic riffs... and foley effects.

But ultimately, there were two songs that, when I read the lyrics out loud (as I did all of the entries), musical ideas just sort of bonked me on the head and then started swimming around in my brain for the next week. And once it gets stuck in there, you have to do it.

The first I chose was VertigoX's tribute to York and Dee. That song will be performed on almost all live instruments by me and some other folks, and so will take a little while to get to you. I even found another singer. I think you will enjoy it.

The second was by SnowJade:
Bless Red versus Blue
Another day may go through
Thank goodness, yes. Phew!

I've got the link below. Be sure to listen all the way through... so you will feel calm and peaceful once again. Also, this is NSFW as it is chock full of RedVsBlue clip goodness which means lots and lots of swearing, lol. Also, I never realized just how many times they use the word "Run!" in this series. Someone really ought to start keeping track.

Thanks again to everyone. And, now: Click HERE to enjoy SnowJade's performance as she reads her Haiku ...as OboeCrazy and I (and the cast of RvB) back her up. RUN! RUN!!!