you'll never guess what happened yesterday!!!

i was watching tv with the volume up..i might be deaf...hahahah...and x was playing on the computer.
all off a sudden i heard a cry. then again and again..with the same amount of time inbetween each cry. it sounded like a recording. at first it took me a while to recognize the sound as a faint meowing. it sounded kind of muffled so i wasnt really sure it was a meow. i asked x to go into the kitchen and investigate the noise.
he said it did sound like a meowing but didnt know where it was coming from. i suggested he look in the cupboards as he sometimes leaves them open and a kitten might have crawled in and gotten itself stuck. he came back and said the sound was coming from near the fridge. he checked under and around and in the back of the fridge and still no kitten. i said you k now its a long shot but just check inside the fridge to be sure.
sure enough there was a kitten in the fridge. apparently it had climbed in while x had the fridge door open making sandwiches, as he was moving back and forth putting things in and taking them out to use. the kitten had hidden behind the wine bottle and got locked inside the fridge. it was in there for a good half an hour before we heard its cries for rescue.
the poor thing was so cold. its ears, nose and feet were icy. i wrapped it in a blanket and put it up to my chest and rubbed the poor little feet and ears to get the circulation back into them. she was shaking and trembling. after a bit she climbed out of her blanket and went to play with her sisters and brother like nothing had happened. she is fine now.

i think x has learned his lesson about leaving the fridge and cupboard doors open and not checking before he closes them now. i even check the bathroom and bedroom before i close the doors now. i dont want to leave a little bitty kitty locked anywhere without food crying for the whole time i was out...thank god that we hadnt gone out right after the kitten had gotten stuck or we'd have a kitten popsicle. a dead kitten popsicle.

poor kitten

remember, always check your cupboards and fridge and closets, bathrooms and bedrooms before you go out or go to sleep at night for curious little kittens
or in brian's case, ferrets.