First, if you missed the RvBMash-Up masterpiece I've been posting, be sure to click HERE for a listen and a laugh and then go tell OboeCrazy what an amazing musician she is and compliment her on her magical lips.

So yesterday Spyton and I picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the 360 and boy is it fun to play. And so aesthetically pleasing as well! It is built pretty much the same way Marvel Legends was, and in CO-OP mode is very reminiscent of Lego Star Wars. Of course Spyton was all "I call dibs on Spidey!" which, at the beginning of the game, left me with Cap'n America, Thor (blah) and Wolverine. I'll take Wolvie any day, but it really started being fun when I realized I could play as Deadpool. Like, one of the missions is to save a bunch of soldiers, and if you are playing as Deadpool, there is this long sequence where you negotiate with the soldiers how much they have to pay you to rescue them, ending with the line, "Well, okay, but if I die, the price goes up to $1000!" Look at him in action here with Spidey!


Ah, sweet, psychotic, perpetually purulent Deadpool. You had me at AgentX - a comic series, I should point out, that was written by a woman. Which was incredibly hilarious and twisted, and one of only a few series I actually read and read again. But I digress. Also, they have some pretty obscure characters in the game. And Jenga and Charlie will have to help me here, but "Radioactive Man"? I thought that was just a character from "The Simpsons". Ah well. I guess my limitation to X-Men and Spidey books is haunting me...

We did finally get Dead Rising several weeks ago, but anything with that first person view does make me pretty queasy. (And I hate that you can't save everyone. It is like how those marines die in Halo 1 in that first Flood level... you know that one room where you are on the bridge? I hate that. When the game forces you to watch your comrades die, and then you have to pass their bodies and their staring, accusing dead eyes. Call of Duty 2 was really bad that way as well. I want to save everyone.) Anyway, the overhead or third person view you get in co-op mode in Lego Star Wars or Ultimate Alliance is fairly easy on the inner ear. And a lot of fun. I see they have a version for the Wii as well. Wee!

Okay. I just wanted to tell you guys I like that game. Also, I sent off Ben Browder's message book. I included the following picture of my cat Sparky, named after the Farscape character Dominar "Sparky" Rygel XVI, who also has giant tufts of fur coming out of his ears.


He's my little Halloween cat!

Yes, tomorrow is Halloween and this is the first year in many years I haven't made an elaborate costume for myself or Spyton. Spyton is going as Michael from the Jim Butcher "Harry Dresden" Books, and that costume entails a wedding ring, work boots, jeans, a plaid shirt and an enormous sword with a nail in the handle. I was hoping he'd go as the Warcraft villain Arthas, and I was all set to make up some awesome skull shoulderpads. But, good ole Champion of Light Michael it is. Ah well. I suppose I'll dress up as a witch or something lame to hand out candy. Blah.


Today's Vocabulary Words
shoulder pads