If for some reason you didn't know but I am a Naruto fan. I saw a ad on TV for that Naruto toy that shots things out at you as you do the hand signs and thought I get it for my cousin for his b-day.
So I did and while staring at the box for awhile and did this thing called 'thinking' and thought that maybe I should test to make sure it was cool enough for him. >.>
If you also didn't know, then I'll let you know that almost every time I watch Naruto I do something stupid trying to be ninja.

But anyway. I tried the thing out. Wow, was that a bad choice.
While trying to be ninja and doge the things and do slick hand signs I, well, did something stupid. I'll say that I won't be getting on Xbox Live while my 360 is being repaired by microsoft and I also need to get a new TV I think. I also think one of those things it shoots out stabbed me.
I'll just give it to my cousin and let him mess with it, I want no part of the thing.