I'm starting to think I live in the Psychotic Bast*rd suburb of Chicago. Spyton came home today quite upset because evidently as part of the anti-drug and alcohol curriculum, they showed some film about a girl hit by a drunk driver whose passengers were killed and she was on fire and had all her skin and fingers and face and eyes burned out, and you first see a picture of how she looked, a pretty teenager, and she drops the photo frame and you see her mangled burned-off face and gaping eye sockets.

Now, they have new laws about teen driving here which make driving for Spyton a thing that will only be possible five years from now. So, I ask, what exactly was the point of doing a shock video about drunk driving now? I mean, I got 14 zillion forms from the school asking if it was okay for them to give him sex ed (upon which I was EXTREMELY tempted to write, "No, because you won't be explicit enough.") but they showed this to the kids? Spyton said a bunch of the kids were crying etc.

I remember in high school they showed us movies of bulldozers bulldozing piles of bodies of emaciated naked children from the concentration camps of World War II and it still freaks me out. You know. I can't unsee it. Memory forever. And I still wonder, what exactly did that do for me? How did I benefit? I had all sorts of relatives killed by the Nazis. It isn't like anyone had to tell me "Nazis are bad." I get it.

EDIT: Nov 6,2006: I spoke with the principal. Evidently this wasn't a drunk driving presentation, it was an anti-drug and alcohol presentation. The presentation was for the entire school, so the older kids weren't freaked out. The video wasn't prescreened by anyone at the school and the principal agreed it was too much for the younger kids. Ah well. The principal at this school is a good egg (I think why I was so taken aback by the whole thing.) Sometimes things like this happen. Hopefully they'll prescreen in the future. Sigh.

It occurs to me: that same group of kids could watch a horror flick of people having their faces sawed off with chainsaws and laugh about it. This crap about how video games and movies are turning children into psychotic killers is ridiculous. Kids understand the difference between pretend and reality. It is part of evolution. You have that instinct to know what is real.

Which sort of segues to the following comment I coincidentally just got on my profile, left by the previously "Germanified" Halochief89:

WTF is with kids these days? I walk around with a real machete and jason's mask and nope no one screamed when I tried to scare the crap out of them. But when I walk around with a fake machete with fake blood on it and a paintball mask I scare 10 people including my girl WTF!

I'm not sure if pointing and laughing or dialing 911 is the appropriate response. Maybe I should start a daily feature like the Daily Good Deed KZuelch does. I could feature a Daily Psychotic Bast*rd.

Nah, I'd have to make it hourly. Too much work.


In other news, yes, that was my cat Sparky. (and if you left a comment on Halloween you got a mod point!) Don't you guys remember the cartoon video I made about how he peed on my bed?

How quickly they forget.

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