All right girls, Plan B46 is now in effect. It is time to destroy the men. Then line up at the parthenogenesis clinics where you can begin the cloning procedures. Epigenetic reprogramming will begin in 36 hours.

The Age of the Amazon has arrived!

Just kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha ha... heh heh ... heh... *cough* ... ahem.

I just got this in my e-mail, a news item from SCIFI:

Tsukuba University engineering professor Yoshiyuki Sankai's HAL robot suit is pretty close to production â€' up to 20 of the suits should ship next year, and 400 to 500 in 2008.

The suits, designed for when your puny human muscles can't get the job done, will cost $42,000 to $59,000 each. But for you apartment movers, the suits are expected to rent for $592 a month.


My mom used to always say men (in comparison with women) were good for two things. Sperm donation and heavy lifting. Which I always thought was rather unfair. They're also good for other things that women can't do. Like... uh... well, they look better in tuxedos! Oh come on. I'm sure there are other things. List other things. I command thee!

EDIT: Mod points to Espithaca and Pixelz for their comments: Opening pickle jars and Peeing standing up. I have to agree. No contest. lol!

Anyway, I want one of those suits. If for no other reason than so I can walk around the mall and go up to random people and say:
"Get away from her, you B*TCH!" <---name that quote

In other news, I did call the school and left a calm and professional message for the principal, saying I supported a anti-drug and anti-alcohol program, but felt that graphic shock videos were innappropriate for that age. I also left a message for the school social worker saying how upset the kids were.

And finally, last night I had a dream that RvB posted a news item that four of the staff were going to the Mackies, and there was a Luke McKay drawing of the four. Gus (with Gus drawing), Burnie (with Burnie drawing), Kathleen (with Tex drawing) and "Sally" with a drawing of a giant rabbit dressed in a toothbrush costume. Please analyze this dream for me and tell me which medication I should start immediately taking.

Yes, it is so sad when the elderly lose their little minds.

Today's Vocabulary Words
epigenetic reprogramming<-warning: clicking this link may cause brain implosion
HAL robot<--Remember: Hit things with sticks.

Actually, perhaps "Hit things with sticks" should be my new catch phrase. Mmm? Nah. I'll stick with "Don't put M&Ms up your nose!" Much catchier.