Ok, just because I'm a man of my word, here's me on Halloween:


So much for first impressions...nothing says "I'm the coolest and baddest mofo on RoosterTeeth, Phear me nooblets" like a halloween costume...you know who I'm talking about. Yes. That is me as Casear...Casesar that requires a shave and a haircut. For some reason my friends got the full length photos of me in my *ahemdress* and *achooskirt* so those will have to come in a bit. That's all on that for now.

No podcast tonight as we're getting ready for the IUCGC LanWar this weekend, but please, checkout the website at www.iugaming.com and listen to the past ones. If you happen to be in the Indiana region this weekend and happen to have your computer on you, please stop by smiley0.gif We have plenty of room for walkins.