...directing traffic. Some kind of fashion. <--name that quote

Yay! Spyton and I are here in New York. We are ensconced in the lovely Marriott Courtyard at LaGuardia where I am typing this courtesy of the free internet service whilst we wait for room service.

"But Linnea!" I hear you exclaiming. "It's Friday night in New York! Go see the city!"

Yes, well. I am tired. And part of the deal with Spyton is that no matter where we go, we stay in a nice place with internet access and room service so that we have at least one night of lounging about like Sultans while obsequious staff members kowtow to our every need. (I tip heavily to assuage any feelings of Puritan Work Ethic-related guilt.)

Of course, I was packing 3 minutes before we left and forgot to bring any T-shirts for Spyton to sleep in. So I had to get one just now downstairs. I was a bit embarrassed on the plane, as Spyton and I were still wearing our Chicago costumes (sweatsuits, messy hair, parkas) but everyone else was already changed into their New York costumes (all black, tailored jackets, straight and firmly gel-encrusted hair). Luckily I brought a few changes of NY costumes with me, so hopefully I will blend in somewhat with my surroundings tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to the Machinima Festival. I'm especially looking forward to finding out if my dream about the giant rabbit in a toothbrush costume will come true. smiley8.gif

Anyway, I'll check back here later... if you are coming, look for me. I'll be the one in all black standing next to the kid in the parka.


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