Jesus im tired. Tonight was interesting…. We had a premier for Black Cloud. It was freaking busy. They pulled out a red carpet for this and search lights o.O it was weird. The lobby was packed and concession was flooded with customers. After we finally got everyone into the theaters one of the guys that were in charge of running the event came up to me and told me that he had a problem…. -_- they didn’t have enough sharpes for the autograph signing after the movie… I just looked at him like what the hell is wrong with you. So me and Michelle ,the other manager on clock, played paper rock scissors to see who would go out and get some sharpes… Of course I lost, so I had to run to the nearest store to get some damn markers. -_- Then me and Michelle couldn’t find the concession workers. they all went off and started talking and doing god knows what so we had to yell them to hurry up clean before the movie gets out. . Finally the movie came out… that was disaster. it was packed.... The actors signed autographs for about an hour then spent a half an hour trying to get to their ride. Sucks for them. Oh by the way the lead actor, Eddie Spears, is pretty damn cute.
anyhow at the end of the night me and the Michelle were closing and just joking around and making fun of our boss.....while he was in the same room.... he just laughed.. freaking idiot. Then me and Michelle decided we wanted to be annoying so we started to bug yancey (the boss) about how were hungry.... we didnt think he would actually get us food...but he pulled out his wallet gave us some money and said "here order a pizza" We were both kinda surprised... i think he did it so we would shutup...but yay we got food!

Anyhow now onto another topic… I miss my stupid boyfriend. He went to Sendai for the weekend… (He’s in Japan) so I wont get to talk to him for the next two days :( It’s been a half a year since the last time I’ve seen Paul.:( It sucks. Anyhow yeah ummm well I guess that’s it for now.

Quote of the day- “I know this is going to sound crazy… but we don’t have enough sharpes can you send someone to get like umm lets say fiveâ€Â