i havent posted in a long time, ive just been swamped with work.

i got a job about two months ago at a staples store, and ever since then ive had no time at all really. i work on weekends at about 25 hours a week. usualy thats 4 days. aka, murder!

but ive made about two thousand bucks so far, so its all good, i guess. nah, cause whats the point of making a ton of money if oyu have no time to spend it?

i didnt get out until 930 when usualy im out of there at 9, sometimes 845. reason? shitload of shelf tags needed to get switched out. it sucked. i had to put out well over 400 tags, when mitch (kid who goes to my school and works at staples too) put out easily 600. yeah, we put out.

ANYWAY.....i gotta go paintballing before the season closes, which it already has, so basically i gotta change out my gear for the "winter season" which should be fun this year since well get some snow....not.

also, one day on youtube while watching the music video of "Bring me to life" , i saw the following:
to this day i have yet to come up with a proper reply

thats about it, ill do some stuff when i get the chance, later

EDIT: ive got 100 mods, andone willing to sponcer me or know someone who will?