Tis the Fifth of November. And right now I feel that the parliament that is RT needs a Gunpowder Plot. If you get me.

A couple days ago Cloud was banned for a disrespectful image and journal he posted. And since he was featured, he knew the image and journal would get lots of attention. For those of you that are outraged at his misbehavior, you are taking Cloud way too seriously. For those of you that are outraged at Cloud's punishment, you are taking it too far. RT had every right to punsih him (whether it was cruel or not). I personally feel that this site has been crippled by the loss of Cloud and hope that RT shrugs this off as a mistake and gives Cloud the option to return. Regardless of my hopes, Cloud will be missed.

This journal is hereby dedicated to the user known as Cloud. He has influenced they way I look at this site in more ways than I can count.