Lately I've been having issues with the commenting, like I would type a comment and when hitting submit it would say:
"you must leave a comment", "missising parameter", "please specify a recipent"
I've also been having issues with getting around the site, like I would hit 'my hompage' and the browser would lose the sever or even sometimes has taken me to a random profile.
I've clicked 'sign out' to have it say "You have to be signed in to use this feature."

I also just signed on to find there being no alerts, which I thought was funny cause I haven't ever got on to find no alerts in 5 months. So I click on 'my images' and change my primary and it signs me out and takes me back to the sign in screen. So I sign back on and all the alerts show up and my primary returns to normal. WTF.

Anyone else getting these kind of things smiley10.gif