Hi guys. It's been along time since i last posted in here. The reason is beacause i've had 3 weeks off for some well earned rest and downtime due to the fact that for 2 months straight i had non stop lessons of programming and doing NFL practice.... and i just really got burned out from there on. I got a suprise present on sunday from my granparents i got two tickets to see the seahawks play the raiders. I myself am a seahawks fan. I must say while i was at the game last night no disrespect to raiders fans but you just plained sucked you got sacked so many times and you have an overall sack score of 42 in all your games you played this season, and the defence just let the seahawks come all over them. i'm really glad that shaun alexander maybe returning to the first team after a sucessful X-Ray on his injured foot.

But besides the rain and the gusty wind i had a absolute ball and im definatly glad we got the win over the raiders.

My Player of the game is: Seneca Wallace
He is a one to watch this seasona nd i think he will be a contender for the MVP this season.

I'm flying back today and then im flying back out on saturday to get ready for the next seahawks game on sunday against ST.Louis and i think we will ge the win over the Rams.

I'd Also like to say that my fav person in the world kittiegirl.... is the bestest freind ive had on here. And in tribute like i did with that pic last year. I'm devoting your pic into my images section. i love ya hun and i ope to meet up with you soon. ill take to to a Jets game or something.

Thats all friom me folks and i'll post another weekly NFL Review Next Monday right here.

Have a great week everybody

Tom x x x x x x x x x