As indicated in my last journal entry I managed to secure a copy of the Gears of War collectors edition at 2PM on Tuesday. So now that I have played it quite a bit here is the assesment:

In case you are debating NOT getting a 360 or NOT getting Gears of War know this: It really lives up to the hype. If you liked Halo you will like this. If you are a fan of good graphics you LOVE this. If you are a fan of of games that have accessable yet deep gameplay.. You guessed it.

Seriously I could do a long review with pros and cons but I am frankly to lazy and the media has done a better job hyping this game than I could.. But since this was done BEFORE the game came out the accurcy of this hype was naturally questionable. So let me just tell you: Believe it. For once the hype was right.

For those of you playing campain (spoilers):
I just got to the part where they planted the resonator, it failed and now they are looking for some sort of georobot thing at marcus's old house

For those of you wanting to play MP with me send me an add on live and comment here so I know who you are. (protagonist: I will be home around 6PM eastern)